This photo shoot was our work with photographer Yana Zolotoverkhaya, who supported lots of my creative ideas, including our Ballerina bridal in mountains and several others, I once tell for sure. The idea of shooting with a girl with "non-standard and non-classical" beauty was our dream for a while and my friend Ester became a perfect model for this particular project.


We were shooting in late October in Prague's Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov, which is an old and not working railway station (an arty place some kind for now, also). This place has an amazing geometrical perspective and a very special atmosphere, dark and moody, but in a good way. It was an extremely cold day, our model has been shooting in translucent lace dress only, our little puppy's been trembled with the cold, and I had a flu. Have to say, that a generous sip of brandy (more than one, but who cares) helped a lot during our shooting process :)


One of my favorite thing from this shoot is my deer antlers. They also have their own story. I by chance bought them in Berlin flea market, and I didn't plan to buy something like that at all. Just because of my natural curiosity I asked the seller, how much for them. He said 80 euro, totally unacceptable for me and I went away. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he followed me in the crown and cried lower and lower price. Finally, I bought antlers for 15 euro, one of the best bid ever. I love, how antlers, gorgeous and fluffy hand dyed cloth runner from Wisteria and Vine, stunning calligraphy from AT calligraphy, came together. And I am happy, that I am not alone in my admiration, because this photo shoot was featured in Artfully wedding blog. Such a great feeling to be appreciated by professionals <3

Thank you for reading, loves!!



Yours, Ellie