Once I had met Nora for the first time, I was inspired with an idea to do a fine arts stylized bridal photoshoot for her. She looks like she was weaved from the rays of light, so tender, romantic, an absolutely natural pure beauty.    

We’ve decided to choose the Divoka Sarka nature park as our photoshoot location to expose Nora’s beauty, her fragility and evanescence using the contrast of magnificent ancient rocks as the background which made the photo looking thrilling and infatuating. 

This photoshoot was presented as a gift for Nora by her groom (fiancé) Oleg, and, hence, our team had to keep it in secret. During preparation process Oleg mentioned that Nora is a passionate personality, having a strong interest to ballet, spending hours in the ballet class on the everyday basis.  That’s why pointe shoes have been added to the photoshoot to enhance Nora’s diverse personality.

Photographer Yana Zolotoverhaya www.yanaz.pro
Decor & flowers Ellie Yakimova
Make up & hair Violetta Blagoveshenskaya https://vk.com/club18411767
Lettering & illustrations Anya Tsymbal https://www.instagram.com/at_calligraphy/
Model Nora Olah