This sweet and absolutely adorable inspirational photo shoot of "morning bide" is meaningful and special for me. It was made more, that 2 years age, but still close to my heart, because it was my first shooting, where I participated at the same time, as decorator, florist and concept maker. And the head of practical part was Igor Marinko from Luxesvadba Wedding Agency, he arranged the hotel and lovely bunnies for this shooting. Also, he became a photographer. Our model was my old friend and make-up artist Violetta. To be honest, exactly with this experience my huge love to inspirational and editorial photo shoots have started. This is an amazing feeling to make something beautiful in a company of creative people and see, how your ideas and mind visualization turn to life. For this particular shooting the purpose was to celebrate Pantone colors of that year, rose quartz and serenity (dusty blue). These colors are so lovely, so tender and romantic, that they've become crowd favorite for years. Last year it was Greenery color the Pantone color of the year, but most of my weddings has pastel blue and pink as majors in theirs palettes. It is too early to say about this current season, but I have a feeling, that the pastels will still rule the world :)


This bridal shooting was featured in the Czech blog Originalni Svatba. It is a lovely blog, that I believe, push the boundaries of local Czech wedding industry.

Thank you for reading a have a lovely day!