Such an amazing happiness to have a friend, who shares your creativity, taste and ideas! I am a truly happy one, because I have "The mighty handful" of that kind of persons in my life, and my today story is about one of them, my adorable Svetty Gombats, fine art photographer and one of the most wonderful persons I've ever met.

Have to say, that I know Svetty personally for about a year, but her stunning photo work I've started to follow several years before our first historical meeting. She lives in Austria, shoots weddings and romantic stories, writes short stories for children, has 2 cats, a funny girly bicycle and amount of creative and interesting people around. Through our friend and Austria wedding planner Larissa Kieberger we decided to make our inspirational photo shoot in Styria lavender field last June, and that's how our fine art friendship's started. One day I will tell about the lavender shoot, I still have lotы of warm memories about that day (there are photos from it in my portfolio, btw). Later Svetty came to Prague for a wedding and stayed at my place. After some working days we finally had a short spare weekend together when we're just enjoying Prague, long talk, planning and making some photos for sure. The same weekend I had to prepare a lavender purple bridal bouquet, which finally became a hero of Svetty's small shooting. I've decided to share these photos now, despite they are from last September, because, in my opinion, they are full of spring vibes, pastel colors and romantic sweet melancholy (in von Trier's style, lol). I hope, that you will feel these vibes even through your monitor and something small and pleasant will happen to you today...

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!