I am a Prague parks fan and a huge sucker for all this romantic stuff, like picnics and outdoor lazy afternoons with a bottle of champagne, food basket and significant one company. That's why this story is absolutely in my style. One day I received a mail from an Aussie fellow Mitch. He wrote me, than he and his girlfriend Laura were going to Prague and he wanted to propose her here, because Prague was one of her favorite place in the world. I asked him to describe her, tell what she loved and what kind of girl she was. Based on this description we decided to make a park picnic surprise. He didn't lie to me, she was absolutely fantastic and romantic, and delightful, and one in a kind. For him obviously first, but for me later as well, because honestly, such wonderful persons, as Loz and Mitch, you meet rarely in the life. And I was happy being a part of their big day. He bent his knee and proposed, and she said yes. They were so lovely, so cute and so grateful for my decorative work and for work of Yana Zolotoverkhaya the photographer, that is wasn't even impossible not to fall in love with them.  


Loz and Mitch are going to marry this May in New South Wales, Australia, and I wish them all the happiness of this world, because, in my opinion, happiness always find the happy people.


Thank you for reading me!